Jenny Morris (innosent_jennym) wrote in nqc_aim,
Jenny Morris

I knew I'd have a place to post this eventually!!

RGosling 1280: yo
RGosling 1280: what up jennay!
RGosling 1280: when are you coming to NY?!!?
InnosentJenny: I'm not sure! Ummm maybe this weekend!
RGosling 1280: OKAY!
InnosentJenny: cool! so I had this scary conversation with my nephew today.. wanna hear about it?
RGosling 1280: no but go ahead
InnosentJenny: so yeah he's playing with the baby and he's all "where do babies come from?"
RGosling 1280: you let your nephew play with the baby??
InnosentJenny: not by himself! I was there.. he was mostly just looking at her..
RGosling 1280: okay go on
InnosentJenny: so I'm like uhh ask your mom
InnosentJenny: and he said he already asked
InnosentJenny: his mom
InnosentJenny: and she said
InnosentJenny: that they came from mommy's bellies
InnosentJenny: but he wanted to know how they got in there
RGosling 1280: say well me and daddy were oh screw that just say fucking
InnosentJenny: uh I will not tell a 4 year old bad words!! anyway! I told him that when mommies and daddies want to have babies they do grown up stuff and that makes babies
InnosentJenny: and he seemed okay with that, nodding and all
InnosentJenny: so then hes like "why did you want to have a baby?"
RGosling 1280: grown up stuff?! what is that?!?! letters and just letters, words are just words
RGosling 1280: they were FUUCKING!!!
RGosling 1280: fuck fuck fucking!
InnosentJenny: well what the hell, thats what you tell 4 year olds! you're doing the banking and they say "what are you doing" and you say "grown up stuff" and they go away! it works
RGosling 1280: no I don't talk to 4 year olds...and I"d be like, Im getting money out of the bank to support your lazy non working ass!
InnosentJenny: omg hes 4!!
InnosentJenny: okay so banking doesn't work, whatever! its a satifying answer. that was NOT the point of the story!
RGosling 1280: satisfying? no that's not satisfying, FUCKING is satisfying
InnosentJenny: SATISFYING TO A FOUR YEAR OLD!! you perv!!
RGosling 1280: ya know when you bounce a kid on your knee...they get enjoyment from that...I read it in a psychology book
RGosling 1280: everything has to do with FUCKING
RGosling 1280: even the old lady banker likes a good fuck every now and then
InnosentJenny: oh my lord you are so sick!! I don't wanna hear about old people fucking!!! EW. Wanna hear about me fucking? since you obviously missed the entire point of my first story
RGosling 1280: it's people like you that make this world as horrible as it is today! age discrimination may not be a big deal to you! but it is to me! too young to fuck, to old to fuck! my God woman! and NO I don't wanna hear about you fucking.
InnosentJenny: oh man you're crazy. I didn't say anyone was too old to fuck, I just don't want to hear about it. everyone should fuck on their own time and keep the stories in the bedroom... except me of course :)
RGosling 1280: haha why except you?!
InnosentJenny: cause when I do it its really hot and people should hear about it
RGosling 1280: hahahahaha!!! no I don't think so
InnosentJenny: alright, think whatever you want. It's hot.
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